Hair & Makeup by Lynne Cary

Serving makeup and hair styling needs for the greater Baldwin County, Alabama area, Lynne Cary has offered both studio and on-site services. She provided hair and makeup work for commercials, television and video. Her expertise has been displayed on her own thirty-minute television segment on Bay TV, a cosmetics show featuring tutorials on makeup application and color coordination in Mobile and surrounding  areas.

About Me - Award-Winning Professional Hair and Makeup

I have done a plethora of hair and makeup work for commercials that aired on television for Video One (2000-2004), Channel 5, and Channel 10 local Mobile Bay area channels. I was the host of my own thirty-minute television segment on Bay TV, a cosmetic show featuring tutorials on makeup application and color coordination in Mobile and surrounding areas (2001-2002). I applied makeup to Gary Collins of The Home Show for a segment on the Big Bayou Canot train wreck (1993).

My hair and makeup work has been published multiple times in Modern Salon Magazine; photos of my work were featured on the covers of several issues of the magazine and accompanying articles about my talents, including hair styling, color and color correction, and cosmetics. My work has also been featured in Mobile Bay Monthly and Southern Magazine. I have also done makeup work for local contemporary Christian music groups album covers.

I studied at Von Lee International School of Aesthetics to become a licensed Esthetician and took many courses such as Visual Impressions, Image Projection, Color Physiology and Color Coordination for Makeup Artists, and Professional Makeup Techniques.

I have also been honored many awards and features, most notably the Most Creative Hair Colorist Award, awarded by the directors of the Haircolor U.S.A. twice (Miami and LA); I worked with the top experts in my field from around the globe to create a two-day event where I assisted world-renowned English hair stylist Daniel Galvin in 1992 and 1993.

I own Hideaway in Fairhope, an organic salon and day spa in Fairhope, Alabama, where I service cosmetics, hair styling, color and color correction for upscale clientele.



 "Lynne of Hideaway in Fairhope is a great makeup artist we’ve had the  pleasure of working with during our photo shoots. She is professional  and on time and was a diligent for our shoot from start to finish. Her  work added exactly what our client needed to complete the looks  required. We look forward to working with Lynne in the future."
Jeffrey Blake Adams
Adam’s Photographics
Miami, Florida


 DARKSHI CREATIONS 2015-Present Numerous commercial photoshoots, weddings

MIKE WILSON PHOTOGRAPHY 2015-2016 Numerous commercial shoots

MIKE WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY 2015 Model photography

BRIAN WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY 2016 Numerous commercial photoshoots and weddings 



Hideaway in Fairhope Owner, 2009-Present
An organic hair salon where clients are taken away from the hustle and bustle of a traditional salon to a quiet refuge for relaxation and comfort. Services include: hair styling, color, color correction, highlighting, perms, hair removal, hair health, cosmetics, makeovers, and more. I also travel on on-location events, such as weddings. Hideaway in Fairhope also hosts speaking and donation events.

Lynne Cary & Company Owner, 1991-2005
Lynne Cary's previous company was located in Mobile,  Alabama. While owner of this establishment, Lynne directed and hosted a  30-minute television beauty show and mentored with Aveda Corp. founder  Horst Rechelbacher. Won an Award for the most aromatherapy sales in the  Southern region of U.S.A. Honorable visit to the Aveda Spa, located in  the area of Minn. MN for one week. Helped start Earth Day with Aveda as a  major sponsor and a continuing Earth Day supporter.

University of South Alabama Teacher, 1999-2004
Taught burn patients how to cover up scars and imperfections and raised their self-esteem.

Various MUA Photoshoots, Washington, DC Area 1990
Worked with Over the Rainbow; color-coordinate makeup for clients,  application, and sales of products. Covered a black eye for a state  senator before a speaking engagement. Applied makeup to Connie Chun for  television news coverage segments.

Video One, Mobile AL Hair Stylist & Makeup 2000-2004
Worked on various commercials and short segments airing on television.  Worked with many famous individuals, notably Winston Groom for a short  segment on support for harvesting wild shrimp and Gary Collins of The  Home Show.

Marriott Grand Hotel, Orange Beach, FL Hair Styling & Makeup
Several video shoots spanning several days for promotional video. MUAH  for anyone on camera, including speakers, servers, desk clerks, etc.

Honors & Awards

Lynne Cary and Daniel Galvin in Miami, Florida Most Creative Hair Colorist Award

Haircolor U.S.A.

I worked with a team of experts in my field from all over the globe to create a two-day event. I assisted Daniel Galvin of London while working on Haircolor U.S.A. These events are for the cosmetology field to learn the latest trends and techniques. I won two awards, one in Miami and one in L.A. It was an honor to work with great artists such as Sassoon, Paul Mitchell, Daniel Galvin, and more.

Small Business of the Month

Small Business Network, June 1998

Mobile Chamber of Commerce

Outstanding Young Woman of America

Ten Outstanding Young Americans, 1987

Selected Cosmetologist

Rusk Company, 1987

One of 66 selected cosmetologists chosen to be interviewed by Rusk Company in Scotland.

National Leadership Award

Top 1% Most Endorsed for Skin Care on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, 2013


Oxygen Botanicals

Oxygen Facials, 2011-2015

Sebastian Trucco

1993 Makeup classes in Los Angeles, California.

Haircolor U.S.A.

Learned from other top national cosmetologists skin and hair health with proper diet and nutrition.

Ringling College of Art & Design

Graphic Design & Fine Art, 1979-1980

Studied Graphic Design first year, switched major to Fine Art the following year. Some classes include: Drawing, Art & Design, Photography, Typography, Illustration, Sculpting, Figure Drawing, Metal, Woodwork, Painting (watercolor, oil). While studying at Ringling, modeled for commercials, pool companies, yachting firms, swim wear, etc.


Body Treatments and Aromatherapy

Massage, mud wraps, sea salt scrub.

Institut Dermed Spa

Aesthetician and Esthetician

Microdermabrasion and glycolic peel.

Niell Corporation

Organic Classes for Cosmetologist, Services and Retailing, Organic Makeup.

Rejuvenation by Horst Rechelbacher

Wellness Guide for Women and Men; Uses of essential oils and aromatherapy for wellness of the body; The Science of Longevity; Ayurveda Nourishing the Body and Mind.

Von Lee International School of Aesthetics

Aesthetician and Esthetician


Licensed Esthetician in Maryland, Master Cosmetology license in Alabama.


Alabama Film Office

Mobile Chamber of Commerce (1991-2005)

Better Business Bureau

American Association of Cosmetology

Hair Color U.S.A.

Welcome Friends of Baldwin County

Welcome Center of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, Alabama 

Lynne Cary, Award-Winning Hair Colorist & Makeup Artist.

Lynne Cary, Award-Winning Hair Colorist & Makeup Artist.